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Defenses for Criminal Charges in Kent, WA

If you've already been arrested in Kent, Washington, you understand that these charges are no laughing matter. You likely understand the penalties you're facing and are looking to avoid them altogether. With the help of a seasoned criminal defense attorney in Kent, your legal representation may be able to provide you with an adequate defense to help counter your charges. Many types of defenses can be used to keep an individual from being convicted.

Blood Alcohol Concentration During a Kent DUI Arrest

Although we handle many different criminal charges, we have a large focus on DUI cases. During field sobriety tests, a breath and blood test can present serious but unnoticeable problems. A faulty piece of machinery or an improperly maintained system can lead to an incorrect read and cause an innocent individual to appear to have a much higher blood alcohol concentration than he or she actually has. Other conditions, such as environmental conditions, medical conditions of the defendant and the implementation of the test can all be called into question when determining if an individual is innocent or guilty.

Proving Probable Cause

In order to make an arrest, an officer must have probable cause that the alleged criminal offender has violated a law. If the Seattle police officer did not have probable cause to stop, detain and arrest you, all evidence obtained during that time may be suppressed, resulting in a possible acquittal of your charges. In the state, officers must follow certain procedures when making an arrest and even the smallest violation could cause charges to be dismissed. Here at Baker, Lewis, Schwisow & Laws, PLLC, our legal team has devoted our professional careers to the practice of fighting for the rights of accused individuals. If you or someone you know has been charged, do not hesitate to call our office today! A Kent defense lawyer is prepared to look at your case today.

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