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At Baker, Lewis Schwisow & Laws we take care of our clients, no matter what. The philosophy behind our firm's practice emphasizes the importance of our clients, particularly the relationship that we develop with them. To ensure that our clients are provided with everything they need and more, we take great care to answer phone calls promptly and respond to all forms of inquiry as quickly as possible. Under the representation of our legal team, your needs will never be dismissed, nor will you experience a delay in the services that are provided to you.

Our Clients are Our Priority

When you are facing criminal charges in the Seattle area, you should waste no time in contacting Baker, Lewis Schwisow & Laws. Here, your case will be treated as a priority, because it is. Whether you are facing misdemeanor charges or felony charges, the strategies that we devise in your defense will uniquely reflect the specific circumstances of your arrest. We don't approach the courtroom unprepared, and we never apply a cookie cutter approach to the cases we represent in court. Instead, we identify distinctions in your case that set you apart from the rest, and we focus our attention on developing a strategy that stands the best chance in court.

Every year, our defense attorneys handle hundreds of cases in the state of Washington. As a result, we are in the courtroom on a regular basis, always vehemently defending the clients under our representation. Together, a solid defense will be built on your behalf; a defense that highlights the inconsistencies of the prosecution's case. Our acute attention to detail, and our desire to satisfy our clients has been effective in securing victories on a number of occasions, and they could be again for you. The legal team at Baker, Lewis Schwisow & Laws genuinely cares about the clients we take on, and our every effort goes to show it.

Baker, Lewis, Schwisow & Laws – Defending Your Case!

At Baker, Lewis Schwisow & Laws, our team's intent is to provide outstanding service that is personalized to the specific person we are representing. Throughout the years, not only have we successfully resolved a number of criminal cases in Seattle, but we have also gained the trust and respect of our previous clients. Together, we are a team, and when we take on your case, you become a part of that team. Everything we do moving forward will be designed to fit your particular needs, and you will always be kept in the loop before any legal actions are taken. We encourage you to contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an attorney from our firm.

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