Washington Uses Anti-DUI Car Devices Regularly

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May 29

Lewis & Laws

Washington Uses Anti-DUI Car Devices Regularly

by Lewis & Laws

Washington One of the Top States Using Ignition Interlock Devices

Anti-DUI car devices are commonly used as DUI penalties in the United States. Each state has their own uses for the ignition interlock devices, but a recent study shows that Washington is one of the top states utilizing these DUI prevention techniques. Spokesman writes that about 20,000 Washington residents use alcohol-sensing devices in their vehicles. Most of the users are former DUI offenders who are required to add the ignition interlock device into their vehicle if they wish to drive after conviction. In Washington, these convicted offenders will need to breathe into the ignition interlock device before they can start their car to prove that they will not be driving under the influence.

New legislation in the state of Washington will boost enforcement of the ignition interlock devices, which will allow the ignition interlock industry to gather in an additional 4,500 customers per year. According to The Seattle Times, five Washington companies will benefit from the new laws promoting ignition interlock devices. The companies manufacturing the devices helped to write the new laws. State representatives say that the companies are thrilled that the legislation will pass and further promote the mandatory use of the ignition interlock device.

Many Washington authorities say that tighter ignition interlock statutes will only make the Washington roads safer. The officials at the companies that create ignition interlock devices say that they know that they are doing good business but they are also protecting Washington's residents from repeat drink drivers. If you are charged with a DUI, then you may need to install a ignition interlock device on your car as well. Contact an attorney today if you want help defending your case. If you are falsely accused of a DUI, then a Seattle criminal defense attorney at our firm will be there to help you. Talk to the attorneys at the firm today!

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