How Much Does a DUI Cost in Washington State?

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May 23


How Much Does a DUI Cost in Washington State?

by Anonymous

After an arrest, you may wonder how much this DUI will cost you. Unfortunately, the costs of a DUI go far beyond the initial fines. You can lose your job, have difficulty finding new employment, or even spend time in jail for your actions. This can all cost you money and create financial burdens that have long-lasting consequences.

Fines after a DUI in Washington

In Washington state, fines for DUI convictions can range from $350 to $5,000, depending on the BAC level and prior DUI history. However, it is essential to note that fines are not the only cost associated with a DUI conviction. The state, county, city prosecutors, and probation offices also require additional fees, assessments, and services. These additional costs can quickly add up, resulting in a much higher total than the initial fine. In fact, what appears to be a $350 fine can soon become $1500 when all of the additional costs are factored in.

You may even need to pay bail as a condition of being released from jail. Your bail may be set as high as $5000, especially if you’re facing felony DUI charges. 

Car Ignition Interlock Device Costs

As a condition of getting your license reinstated, Washington State requires DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock device. If this is your first conviction, you must keep this device in your vehicle for a full year. If this is your third conviction, you’ll need to keep this in your car for at least ten years. 

Applying for the ignition interlock device is $100, and then you can expect to pay around $100 a month as long as it is installed. There are also other fees you need to pay, including a removal fee, a service fee, and a tampering fee if it is ever disconnected. 

Increased Insurance Premiums

After your DUI, you can expect to see your insurance premiums increase significantly. According to one study, Washington drivers saw their insurance premiums increase by $610 a year after a DUI. On average, SR22 insurance in Washington costs approximately $737 a year. 

How long will you need SR22 insurance? In Washington, SR22 insurance is required for three years after any license suspension or serious traffic violation, such as a DUI. So those costs will add up for individuals and families already struggling financially after a DUI. 

Other Costs After a DUI

Many other costs add up quickly after a DUI. Some of those include license reinstatement fees and the cost of car towing and impounding, which can range from $100 to more than $1500. 

Alcohol education classes are mandatory after a DUI conviction in all states, including Washington. The cost of this education and treatment depends on the length of the program but can cost more than $500 for first-time offenses. 

Contact Our Seattle DUI Defense Attorneys

A DUI can cost you more money than you realize. From fines to the loss of employment, you may be saddled with the consequences for the rest of your life. Don’t let a DUI prevent you from living your life fully. With a Seattle DUI defense attorney on your side, you may be able to reduce the long-term effects of a DUI and the high costs that go with it. 

An experienced attorney at Lewis & Laws can help you build a strong defense and fight against serious DUI charges. Contact us today to explore your legal options and move forward after a DUI arrest. 

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