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Case Results

Client charged with Theft at a supermarket with the incident recorded on videotape.

  • RESULT: Case Dismissed

Client charged with DUI after refusing breath test and field sobriety tests.

  • RESULT: Amended to Lesser Charge with No Jail Time

Client charged with DUI, blew .156./.158 on a second offense.

  • RESULT: Diversion Entered, Case Scheduled for Dismissal

Clients accused of physically abusing a neighbor’s child and sought a protection order against them.

  • RESULT: Motion for Order Denied

Client accused of DV Assault against his wife with visible injuries

  • RESULT: Diversion Entered, Case Scheduled for Dismissal, No Treatment Ordered

Client charged with DUI with BAC above .111/.112.  Incident recorded on video.

  • RESULT: Amended to Misdemeanor with No Jail

Client convicted of Theft while represented by a different attorney.

  • RESULT: Conviction Vacated/Dismissed

Client charged with 2nd DUI.

  • RESULT: Diversion Entered, Case Scheduled for Dismissal

Client charged with 2nd DUI, BAC refused.

  • RESULT: Won DOL Hearing, Charge Amended to Lesser Offense, No Jail

Client convicted of  felony drug offense while represented by another attorney

  • RESULT: Conviction Vacation, Firearm Rights Restored

Clients involved in neighborhood dispute where other side petitioned for protection order which would have restricted them from enjoyment and use of property.

  • RESULT: Motion for Order Denied

Client charged with DUI for driving the wrong direction in downtown Seattle.

  • RESULT: Amended to Negligent Driving with No Probation or Jail

Client charged with DUI as a result of a 3 car accident.

  • RESULT: Won DOL Hearing, Amended to Lesser Offense, No Jail

Client charged with felony drug charge and investigated for felony assault with sexual motivation.

  • RESULT: Amended to Nonfelony charge, No Jail, No Fine

Client charged with Class B felony assault with victim’s family requesting nearly six figures in damages

  • RESULT: Case Dismissed

Client plead guilty to felony drug charge with a prior attorney, causing immigration issues.

  • RESULT: Case Removed from Criminal Record/Charge Dismissed, Right to Own Firearm Restored

Client charged with Obstruction for refusing to give officer information when requested.  Incident caught on videotape.

  • RESULT: Case Dismissed

Client charged with driving without a commercial driver’s license.  Received another ticket for driving without a commercial license while case was pending.

  • RESULT: Case Dismissed

Client charged with hit and run for hitting a roadway barrier with her vehicle

  • RESULT: Case Dismissed
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