Marijuana Crime Rings? Yes, They're Still A Thing.

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Dec 19

Lewis & Laws

Marijuana Crime Rings? Yes, They're Still A Thing.

by Lewis & Laws

Marijuana Crime Rings? Yes, They’re Still A Thing.

If you thought that the legalization of marijuana meant there would be no more pot arrests, you were incorrect. That’s a lesson that a King County woman and several of her associates learned last month when they were arrested for their involvement in a drug ring - during which officers discovered about $1 million in cash and a substantial quantity of illegal marijuana. 

The Kenmore woman, whose name has not yet been released, was allegedly involved in a money-laundering scheme involving illegal marijuana sales. According to the Seattle PI, the ring was discovered by undercover officers in Shoreline.

Yes, There Are Still Pot Laws 

As we noted last year, despite the passage of I-502, there are still strict rules surrounding the cultivation and distribution of marijuana. You can’t grow it yourself without a permit, and you’re not allowed to sell it without one, either. 

In the instance of the King County woman and her five associates, officers believe that the marijuana was grown and distributed illegally - something that will likely be brought to light when the charging documents become public; King County Sheriff’s deputies served a number of warrants on the house. 

Both growing and distributing marijuana without the proper permits from the State of Washington are felonies - and either one of them could land you in jail for five years. However, with the volume that these folks were moving, it’s likely that they’ll get much more time. 

There are also strict laws around when and where a person can use marijuana. Renters can still get in trouble for smoking in their apartments if they don’t own the place, and the penalty for smoking while driving a car could get you a civil violation or fine. 

What You Need To Know

Legal pot shops make it a lot easier to buy marijuana - and you don’t have to worry about getting busted. However, if you’re a grower or a distributor, it’s wise to know the rules and comply with them whenever possible.

Consult an attorney before starting your grow operation to ensure that all of your paperwork is in order. Then, make sure your entire distribution and supply chain is airtight - don’t give the police a reason to come sniffing around.

And remember: The most important thing you can do if you do get caught is to stay silent except to ask for a lawyer. The rules around marijuana are still relatively new, which means new precedents are being set in courts every single day. 

Even if you’ve been busted with large amounts of cash or drugs and drug paraphernalia, retain a lawyer as quickly as possible to help ensure the best possible outcome. 

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