The Importance of Pre-Charge Criminal Representation in Seattle

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Nov 12

Lewis & Laws

The Importance of Pre-Charge Criminal Representation in Seattle

by Lewis & Laws

The Importance of Pre-Charge Criminal Representation in Seattle

Most of us are aware of the importance of hiring an attorney once charged with a criminal offense, but it can be surprising to some to know that hiring an attorney even before criminal charges are filed might be just as important.

Quite often, there is a significant delay between a police criminal investigation and the prosecutor filing criminal charges. This delay provides a window of opportunity for a criminal defense attorney to either persuade the prosecutor not to file charges, or to influence the scope and severity of the impending charges.

If you have any reason to believe criminal charges might be filed against you, then this narrow window of opportunity can be crucial to the outcome of those charges.

Your Criminal Defense Attorney Will Carefully Consider the Risk/Benefit Ratio

Although every criminal case is unique, an experienced Seattle criminal defense attorney can use this pre-charge time in a number of ways beneficial to the defendant. Criminal defense attorneys will carefully weigh the risk/benefit ratio, taking into consideration the client's objectives. It is rare for law enforcement or prosecutors to share the details or scope of a criminal investigation as they gather evidence through search warrants, interrogations, grand jury subpoenas or information garnered from friends, family members or colleagues of the suspect. 

Doing Nothing is Never the Best Decision

Doing nothing in the hopes that investigators will move along to something else is never the best course of action, and voluntarily talking to law enforcement is also a terrible idea.

Many people believe if they answer the investigator's questions honestly, then no charges will result. Having a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney on your side before charges are filed ensures you will not make a careless mistake during the investigation which could potentially cause you serious grief down the line.

The bottom line is you should never wait until a case has been made against you before hiring a criminal defense attorney. You should, however, hire the best criminal defense attorney possible the minute you suspect you or a family member are under investigation for a criminal offense. This step ensures your rights will be fully protected in every stage of the process, including the pre-charge stage. If you wait until prosecutors build a case against you, you may have accidentally helped the investigation by not knowing your rights or by offering damaging information you believed was harmless.

Hiring an Attorney Pre-Charge is Not an Admission of Guilt

Remember this—hiring an attorney for pre-charge representation is never an admission of guilt. Rather, you are simply protecting your rights and your future. Your Seattle criminal defense attorney will carefully listen to your side of the story, thoroughly investigate the case, and develop a powerful strategy tailored to the circumstances of your case.

In short, your Seattle criminal defense attorney can do the following before charges are filed:

  • Develop evidence to show you are innocent
  • Answer any questions from law enforcement and investigators on your behalf
  • Negotiate a custody release on your behalf
  • Negotiate a reduction of charges
  • Negotiate a dismissal of charges
  • Avoid an embarrassing arrest by facilitating a self-surrender

Being proactive in a situation like this is always the best course of action. Do not wait—contact an experienced Seattle criminal defense attorney the moment you think you might be under investigation for a criminal offense.

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