Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

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Sep 27

Lewis & Laws

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

by Lewis & Laws

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a crime, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is the best way to make sure you get a fair trial and to protect your future. A criminal conviction of any kind can have serious consequences, and can make it hard to find a job or housing for the rest of your life. Here’s why you need a good criminal defense lawyer to help you get the best outcome if you’ve been charged with a crime.

Knowledge of the Law

A good attorney will be able to explain the charges against you and will know what sections of the law apply to your case. They will be able to make a defense plan based on the charges against you and the applicable law. An experienced lawyer also knows what kinds of defenses are most likely to be successful, and can help you make decisions about your defense.

Understanding the legal system isn’t simple. In addition to the actual laws, judges, prosecutors and juries all have to be aware of the precedents set by the courts in Washington State, in the Ninth Circuit and on a national level at the Supreme Court. If you’ve just been accused of a crime, it’s impossible to bring yourself up to speed fast enough to craft an effective defense strategy.

They Understand Court Procedures and Timelines

A criminal defense attorney knows exactly which form you need to file, as well as when and where you need to file it. They know if you need to pay a fee, and how much. Hiring a criminal defense attorney ensures that your right to a fair trial isn’t infringed on simply because you missed a deadline or didn’t know that you had to take a particular step.

Inside Knowledge

Criminal defense attorneys work in the courts, so they know the judges, the prosecutors and even the security guards. They understand not only which approaches are likely to be most successful in general, but also which approaches will be most successful with the particular judge assigned to your case.

Examining Evidence

Criminal defense lawyers are trained to look through evidence with a hawk’s eye. They know which evidence might be inadmissible in court, and can spot discrepancies in the evidence against you. They also know what evidence you should provide to bolster your defense.

Examining and Calling Witnesses

Depending on what kind of case you have, a lot could hinge on witness’ testimony. A good lawyer will be able to protect you from dishonest or exaggerated witness testimony, and he or she will also know who you should have testify on your behalf.

A criminal defense attorney will also know professionals that can testify as expert witnesses to help your case.

Being convicted of a crime can have serious consequences for the rest of your life. If you’ve been charged with a crime, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is a sound investment in your future.

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