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Jul 17

If a person is pulled over for suspicion of DUI, the length of time it takes to file charges may change dramatically based on the nature of the contact, whether the person was kept in custody, and the jurisdiction the offense is alleged to have taken place. read more

Jun 03

Back on April 19th, actress Reese Witherspoon caused a bit of a stir when footage surfaced purpotedly showing her and her husband in an unwanted encounter with law enforcement. read more

May 29

Anti-DUI car devices are commonly used as DUI penalties in the United States. Each state has their own uses for the ignition interlock devices, but a recent study shows that Washington is one of the top states utilizing these DUI prevention techniques. read more

Apr 30

In an effort to lower the amount of Driving Under the Influence [DUI] cases in the State of Washington, the State legislature and Governor Insleee have been working to overhaul Washington State's DUI laws. read more

Apr 25

On Sunday, a crazed 27-year-old went on a homicidal rampage on Federal Way in Washington. According to reports, an angry man murdered four people on the road by shooting a gun that alerted residents in a nearby apartment complex. read more

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Should I plead guilty?

Once you plead guilty to a charge, you cannot change your plea afterwards, so it always advised that you talk with a criminal defense attorney at our firm before you do this. Pleading guilty means that you are admitting your conduct is punishable by the law and you know...

Why do I need a lawyer?

A criminal charge means that you could face sanctions including jail times, fines, probation, potential loss of your driver's license and other penalties. A skilled criminal defense attorney can guide you through the court process and advocate your position in order...

October 9, 2020

First Time DUIs are Still Serious

Many people believe that first-time DUI charges are not that serious. However, even one DUI on your driving record can have long-lasting and severe consequences.

September 28, 2020

Stealing Amazon Packages Could Land You in Prison

Since the coronavirus began, more people have been shopping online and avoiding crowded department stores and shopping malls. This has led to an even larger increase in Amazon and other...