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Class A felonies are the most serious of crimes in our state, and carry the most serious potential penalties. If convicted of a Class A felony the maximum prison sentence is life in prison. The court can also assign a fine, depending upon the crime committed and the harm done. The maximum fine that can be levied is $50,000. If you or a loved one is facing charges for a Class A felony, call and schedule an appointment with a Seattle criminal defense attorney from Lewis & Laws, PLLC. We have represented and helped many clients who were facing these serious charges.

Crimes are classified according to the state statutes. There can also be different degrees of a crime. A charge of murder can be first or second degree; both are classified as a Class A felony. First-degree robbery is a Class A felony, whereas second-degree robbery is a Class B felony. Rape and assault also fall under the Class A felony charge. No matter how bad your situation may appear to you, with a skilled and resourceful criminal defense attorney on your side, you have a much better chance of success, both in and out of court.

Our firm is committed to helping those who have been charged with a crime. We know how confusing the criminal justice system can be, and we will be in constant communication with you throughout the process. You need someone who is committed to you, your rights, your cause and your freedom. No matter what the circumstances behind your charges, we will protect your rights under the law and you can have confidence that every possible advantage will be sought for you.

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