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Should I plead guilty?

Once you plead guilty to a charge, you cannot change your plea afterwards, so it always advised that you talk with a criminal defense attorney at our firm before you do this. Pleading guilty means that you are admitting your conduct is punishable by the law and you know...

Why do I need a lawyer?

A criminal charge means that you could face sanctions including jail times, fines, probation, potential loss of your driver's license and other penalties. A skilled criminal defense attorney can guide you through the court process and advocate your position in order...

November 22, 2021

Shoplifting on the Rise in Seattle

According to Fox 13 News, the Seattle PD made 53 shoplifting arrests on a single day in June 2021. Thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise were also recovered. A Sergeant for the Seattle...

November 8, 2021

Seattle Man Sentenced After 19th DUI Conviction

According to King 5 News, in what certainly might be a record number of DUI convictions, in mid-October 2021 a 75-year-old Seattle man was sentenced for his 19th conviction related to...