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Jun 21

If you've recently been arrested, you're probably feeling a mix of emotions right now. Fear, confusion, and uncertainty are all common. Dealing with law enforcement can be overwhelming, especially if you're unfamiliar with the process. That's why our Seattle criminal defense lawyers are here to help. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when dealing with law enforcement and why having a criminal defense lawyer on your side can make all the difference. read more

Jun 08

If you are facing criminal charges, you may wonder how much weight eyewitness testimony will carry in your case. For decades, eyewitness testimony has been considered one of the most compelling forms of evidence in criminal trials. However, recent studies have shown that eyewitness testimony is not always accurate and often unreliable. Many different factors can influence an eyewitness' memory and the details they remember. How can eyewitness testimony be flawed? Eyewitness testimony is often inaccurate because of the fallibility of human memory. Our memories are not perfect and are influenced by numerous factors, including stress, fear, and time. In addition, eyewitnesses may be influenced by leading questions, suggestive lineups, and other factors that can affect the accuracy of their testimony. As a result, eyewitness testimony is not always reliable, and criminal defense lawyers can challenge this testimony in court. read more

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Should I plead guilty?

Once you plead guilty to a charge, you cannot change your plea afterwards, so it always advised that you talk with a criminal defense attorney at our firm before you do this. Pleading guilty means that you are admitting your conduct is punishable by the law and you know...

Why do I need a lawyer?

A criminal charge means that you could face sanctions including jail times, fines, probation, potential loss of your driver's license and other penalties. A skilled criminal defense attorney can guide you through the court process and advocate your position in order...

May 17, 2024

Alternatives to Incarceration for Juveniles in Seattle

If your child has been arrested in Seattle, it's completely understandable that you're concerned about their future. We understand that the thought of your child facing criminal charges is...

May 3, 2024

Avoiding Accidental Violations of Protective Orders

If you have a protective order issued against you in Seattle, you must take it seriously and understand exactly what it means. Protective orders, also known as restraining orders or...