Can I Get My Firearm Rights Restored in Washington?

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Feb 23

Lewis & Laws

Can I Get My Firearm Rights Restored in Washington?

by Lewis & Laws

Can I Get My Firearm Rights Restored in Washington?

Many Washington residents have lost their firearm rights after being convicted of a felony or domestic violence offense. With the recent current events unfolding across the United States, as well as in Seattle, many now wonder if there is any way to restore their rights to purchase and own a firearm.

The answer is yes.

However, it is a complex process and not everyone is eligible to have their firearm rights restored. There are many factors to consider before the Washington courts will restore the right to own a firearm.

From the moment you call our office, we will begin looking into your case to help you explore your legal rights. Why did you lose your rights to own a firearm in the first place? To fully answer this question, we will run an official criminal background check through the Washington State Patrol. This WATCH report will show us your entire criminal record and help us determine whether you might be a candidate to have your firearm rights restored.

Who is Eligible to Have Firearm Rights Restored?

Anyone convicted of a Class A felony or a sex offense is never eligible to have their firearm rights restored in Washington. However, other types of felony convictions may qualify as long as the individual has remained free from any other criminal offenses for a specified time. Also, the nature and severity of their initial crime are taken into consideration as well. For example, individuals convicted of Non-Class A felonies must go at least five years without any other criminal offense before they would be considered for gun rights restoration.

Here are the basic requirements for getting your gun rights restored:

  • No pending criminal charges in any court
  • No restraining orders of any kind
  • No Class A felony
  • No convictions for a felony sex offense
  • No prior convictions counted in your offender score
  • Completed terms and conditions of each conviction
  • At least five years without a conviction after a felony offense
  • At least three years without a conviction after a misdemeanor offense

Steps for Getting Your Gun Rights Restored

If you are looking to have your firearm rights restored, you should immediately speak to an experienced and skilled Seattle criminal defense lawyer. You need legal representation through the process because getting your gun rights back after a serious offense is not easy. You will need someone on your side throughout the process who understands what is at stake.

After you call our law offices, we will begin working on getting your gun rights restored. That includes taking numerous steps, including:

  • Obtaining WATCH criminal background check
  • File a written motion in court
  • Notify the prosecuting attorney
  • Attend all court hearings
  • Ensure that all government agencies update their data systems and records

Once your gun rights are restored, you will be able to own, carry and operate firearms. You are also legally able to apply for a concealed pistol license.

Federal Laws and Firearm Restrictions

Washington state laws differ from federal laws. There is no restoration process for getting your firearm rights restored under federal law. As such, the federal government will not recognize Washington state's order to restore your firearm rights. This can affect your ability to purchase firearms from a dealer since they must process firearm background checks. It is crucial to speak to an experienced Seattle criminal defense lawyer about how the federal laws may impact your ability to own a gun or operate a firearm.

Contact Our Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are looking to get your firearm rights restored, we can help. Our Seattle criminal defense lawyers make the process easy and painless for our clients. We handle everything from background checks to court appearances.

At Lewis & Laws, PLLC, we have defended clients in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Kirkland, and throughout the state of Washington. Contact us today at 206.209.0608 or fill out our confidential contact form. We know how to get your gun rights restored. Call us today!

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