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The attorneys at our firm pride themselves on providing confident, experienced and aggressive legal representation to Seattle clients facing a wide variety of drug crime charges, including drug trafficking. Drug trafficking involves the movement of illegal controlled substances from one place to another. Drug trafficking charges will usually be handled by the federal court system because drugs are frequently trafficked over different state lines, violating federal drug laws.

Whether small amounts of drugs were transported by car, or large amounts were moved in an airplane, a Seattle criminal defense attorney can do a great deal to improve your situation. The drug crime defense lawyers at our firm represent clients facing drug charges involving cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines as well as many other illegal substances. Sometimes drug trafficking can be charged in conjunction with other drug offenses, and our attorneys can help you with these charges as well:

  • Drug smuggling
  • Conspiracy to traffic illegal controlled substances
  • Transportation of illegal narcotics
  • Trafficking materials to promote the manufacture of illegal drugs


After learning about the harsh punishments associated with drug trafficking charges, many individuals are very fearful about their futures. This is all the more reason to hire as lawyer who is capable of handling charges as serious as these, and this type of representation can be found at our Seattle law firm.

The exact punishments for federal or state drug trafficking convictions will depend on a number of factors, including the classification/schedule of the controlled substance that was trafficked, where the drug was trafficked, and the amount of drug that was trafficked. Individuals who import large quantities of drugs from another country face the most severe penalties from a drug trafficking conviction, so in this case it is especially important to hire a good defense attorney.

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