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Facing DUI charges or any kind can be full of questions and uncertainty. If you have been charged with driving under the influence, you are probably anxious about the future. That's why at Lewis & Laws, PLLC we are dedicated to providing you with the high-quality legal representation you need. The legal process can be tedious and confusing, if you are facing charges of DUI, underage / minor DUI, vehicular assault or an out of state DUI, we have the knowledge and resources to help get you the favorable case outcome you want.

Our defense experience extends to a variety of practice areas. If you have questions about DUI with injury, or are facing multiple DUI offenses, or a DOL hearing, our firm can help you understand your rights. We are knowledgeable and experienced in every facet of DUI defense, even breath and blood tests and field sobriety tests. In addition to providing legal assistance for the accused in Seattle, we also encourage you to check out the following firms if you were arrested elsewhere:

Along with providing you with aggressive legal representation, our attorneys will also bring to your case a wealth of legal knowledge about Washington laws. Knowing every aspect of DUI laws and procedures will help ensure your rights are protected throughout the life of your case and will improve your odds of overcoming the charges against you. The attorneys at our Seattle firm have gathered pertinent information and useful resources that may be helpful to you if you have been charged with DUI. We advise you to browse through these web sites and write down any questions you may have regarding your charges so that these can be discussed when you first meet with your drunk driving attorney.


Seattle Official Website
Seattle Police Department
Washington State Department of Licensing
Municipal Court of Seattle
Map of Seattle, Washington
Downtown Seattle Map
Washington DUI Affects on Car Insurance Article
Washington State Department of Transportation
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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