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Being arrested under any circumstances can be one of the most frightening experiences for anyone in Washington. The uncertainty of the future, the penalties possible and even the details of the charge are enough to overwhelm someone in a matter of moments. In those times, it is important for residents of Seattle to have dependable criminal defense to turn to for representation.

One of our priorities at Lewis & Laws, PLLC is to make sure that our clients facing criminal charges in Seattle are informed on the steps ahead of them as we venture to defend them in court. Unfortunately, criminal charges involve more than just a court trial. There are several steps that are taken depending on the type of crime and the age of the alleged client. We have found that educated clients are happier clients and we do our best to keep you informed through the process as to the progress and status of your case.


If you've been arrested and / or charged with a criminal offense in the state of Washington, you need to prepare yourself for the procedures to come. In essence, you need to enlist the support of a Seattle criminal defense attorney from our office. With the professional help of our firm on your side, you can confidently tackle every step of the procedures involved in your case. At Lewis & Laws, PLLC, an experienced group of defense professionals can be on your side.

From posting bail, to pre-file investigations, and even jury trial, our firm is here to stand by your side and advocate on your behalf throughout the entire process. Whether you are facing misdemeanor charges or felony charges, you can turn to our firm with confidence in our ability to aggressively challenge the criminal accusations that have been made in your name. You can click on any of the links below to learn more about the role we can play in the procedures involved in your case.

Posting bail: For the family and friends of a person who have been arrested, our firm offers legal support. We recognize that a criminal charge can affect more than just the defendant. If you need to know more about posting bail in the state of Washington, you can review the information on this page to find out what you need to know as you proceed with the process.

Pre-file investigations: When our attorneys defend a case we do more than just react to the allegations that are made against our clients and the evidence that is presented. We also take our own measures of proactive defense, including gathering information about the events involved in our client's arrest. Through this type of investigative process we can better prepare for the defense case ahead.

Jury trial: The jury trial for a criminal case can be both complex and extensive, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. Therefore, we provide a full rundown on the steps involved at this stage of the process, allowing you the opportunity to better understand and prepare for what's to come. From the jury selection, to opening statements, to the presentation of evidence, to the closing arguments and verdict, we can be there for it all.


If you have been arrested for a crime in Seattle, you could be facing dire consequences regardless of whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony. Fines, prison time and future ramifications are overwhelming for any criminal conviction in Washington. Protect yourself from an unfair conviction or sentence by retaining the counsel of a defense attorney from our firm. We will stand by you from the beginning to the end and provide you with a voice on the legal platform so that your rights and interests are protected. Contact our office today to discuss your situation with a member of our legal team.

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